Rabu, Juli 22, 2015

ClashBot Cracked v7.5 by team destroyerd

Features VIPs Get:
  • 1 on 1 Support Through Live Chat and Teamviewer with a dedicated support member
  • Custom Building Upgrades
  • Flawless Wall Upgrading
  • Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen Altar Boost
  • 4 Finger Attack Algorithm
  • Trophy Pushing
  • Trophy Dropping
  • Troop Requesting
  • Troop Donating
  • Automatic Chat Messages (Advertising in Global)
  • Custom wait times
  • Custom deployment sizes
  • End battle if no resource change
  • Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
  • Custom kickout wait time
  • Reduce BlueStacks useage and speed up your computer
  • PushBullet Mobile Notifications
  • Save Loot Images
  • Save Attack Analysis Images

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