Senin, Juni 29, 2015

ClashBot Release: 7.0 update

ClashBot Release: 7.0

This release is FREE!
To use the Premium content you must be a VIP

Premium Features (VIP Only):
*All other features are available for free
  • Custom Building Upgrades
  • Flawless Wall Upgrading
  • Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen Altar Boost
  • Trophy Pushing 
  • Trophy Dropping
  • Troop Requesting
  • Troop Donating
  • Custom wait times
  • Custom deployment sizes
  • End battle if no resource change
  • Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
  • Custom kickout wait time
  • Reduce BlueStacks useage and speed up your computer
  • PushBullet Mobile Notifications
  • Save Loot Images
  • Save Attack Analysis Images

Release 7.0 Contains:
  • Everything has been ported and reworked from the ground up.
  • A brand new bot programmed in C#
  • Insanely smart algorithms make the previous ClashBot's look slow
  • Flawless image recognition can analyze everything on your base
  • No more work for you, ClashBot can now find your barracks and dark barracks
  • ClashBot is no longer reliant on AutoIt, all you need to do is download and start running
  • A stunning new troop building method
  • Crazy smart human like attacking with insanely custom options
  • Brand new building upgrader that allows you to choose exacty what you want to upgrade and how you want to upgrade it

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