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Windows 8.1 Complete Activator

Windows 8.1 Complete Activator
Windows 8.1 Activators can be found everywhere, almost in every tech blog too ! Most of these cracks fail to activate your Windows 8.1, If you have the latest build of Windows 8.1. But On HAX developed a special kind of Windows 8.1 activator that have all the advanced functions to activate,deactivate or modify your activation.
This Activator Works for any build of ( including 9600,9680 , etc.. )
  • Windows 8.1 Professional 32 bit
  • Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprises 32 bit
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprises 64 bit
This activator Unlocks
  • All the Personalization Settings
  • All the Windows 8.1 updates without de-activating your Windows 8.1
 Video Instructions
How to Activate ?
  1. Download and Run Windows 8.1 Complete Activator
  2. Click your Windows 8.1 Edition ( Professional or Enterprises)
  3. Now activator will automatically uninstall any installed Product Keys.If you don’t have any it will say no product keys found
  4. Go to your desktop again and open the ‘Activate Windows’ Folder
  5. Inside that folder there will be a file called ‘Activate Windows.bat’
  6. Right click on it and run it as Administrator ( this step is important)
  7. Follow the steps you get there.A pop up will come saying your Windows 8.1 is successfully activated :D
Remove Watermark ? Unlock LockScreen etc..
  • To remove Watermark : Click Watermark remover in activator and check remove all watermarks.Then apply
  • To Unlock Lockscreen settings : Just restart your computer
  • Update to Media Center : Just go to Add Windows Features and add Media Center Package
  • Rearm Softaware : This function will reset trial periods of Microsoft Products.If you use this function, you will have to restart your computer to activate Windows 8.1.Otherwise it will fail saying a Non-core error message !
Download ( both activators are same,just zip and rar)
Gets ‘computer running Mircosoft Windows non-core edition’  message ?
You have installed a special non-core edition of Windows 8.1.We searched for possible solutions as far as possible. But there’s no way to activate non-core copies of windows 8.1. So the only solution available for now is installing a core edition.
Please note the only method to activate Windows 8.1 is this activator and KMSPico, if any of these activators doesn’t work you must install a Activate-able core edition of Windows 8.1.You can download Activate-able editions from this link.
Get KMSPico (if you wanna try) : Download KMSPico Final

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