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Menjalankan BBM di PC dengan emulator Android

Menjalankan BBM di PC dengan emulator Android - Finally BlackBerry Messenger has been present in Google PlayStore so Android users can already install berBBM ria with BBM for Android app . Well , now what about the people who have much more work to use the air- PC Windows OS , what can enliven the world of fuel ? 1500 % could of course , how to help the Android emulator .

This tutorial will guide you gently to install Android on Windows emulator , which is used for this example is fairly stable old school OS is Windows XPSmile After installation tutorial to install the emulator followed by the application of fuel for Androidsekaligus way to get BBM Pin can chat with users other fuel .

A. Installing Android Emulator
1 . Open

2 . Click the Download the SDK

3 . Choose a 32bit or 64bit version , adjust to your Windows OS .

4 . Extract the downloaded file to the drive ( any drive -free ) , and please let me not too long directory name changed at will .

5. Sign in to eclipse folder and run eclipse.exe

6. Select the working directory and then press OK

7. Choose Window menu - Android Virtual Device Manager

8. Press the New ... button and create a new Android Virtual Device with the name and parameters as shown in the figure below, then press the OK button.

9. Press the Start button and proceed ... Launch button to run the AVD

10. After a while will show the Android emulator (AVD) as shown below:

B. BBM for Android application installation
1. Open the browser and type in the column AVD url:
so the emulator will automatically download BBM for Android APK file.

2. Once the download is complete click 2 click the file to install BBM for Android app.

3. Press and hold the Next button

4. Press the Install button and wait until the application finishes are installed.

If you've reached this stage, then you have successfully installed the BBM for Android app on your PC.

1. To get our BBM PIN first open BBM for Android app.

2. After the display appears as below, fill in the blank with each email or simply type

Similarly, the fuel installation tutorial on PC via the Android emulator. Monggo read, practiced and taught to others. If there are problems please write in the comments below, if I could, and there are times I'll say, if you can not ask for the help of friends all helped our friends who are still learning together. May be useful for all. :)

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