Minggu, Agustus 26, 2012

Dark D1sTurb3r v4 by fajiil- [ crecked by oded ]

1. Unlimited set save
2. Unlimited load
3. Unlimited id login
4. Pvt bommber
5. Dark roll(admin cant kick)
6. Dc code flood+count
7. Count flood
8. Dc code roll flood+count
9. Fast kick
10. Spy
11. Fresh spy chat box
12. Kick with Spy
13. Count Total load ids
14. Count Total login ids
15. Can login 1000ids in 30sec if net les then 30kbps
16. Nonsuspend
17. Fast login socket
18.MMC(control soft with mobile)
19.Semi brutal
20.auto enter
21.auto vote
22.auto get list
23.Select kick id from get list
24.Auto enter spy id
25.auto enter kick with spy
26.Roll kick
27.Fast boom speed room flood emot+count
1.Can creat 9 mig33 id with email at a time
2.Can creat 9email id at a time
3.Fast creat id
join sampit4 & team destroyerd

markas team destroyerd

pas rar = odedteamdestroyerd

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