Rabu, April 11, 2012

[RDW] Admin Suite V1.6 [UPDATE ORI]

Auto Group ban
Auto Kick
Messenger Type chat
Unlimited Emotion
Photo share
Unlimited Room
Unlimited Private Chat
Unlimited Group Chat
Auto Clear Chat
Ban Fast Roll In Group Linked Room
Unlimited Anti Series Ban Unban
Flood Scan and kick
Bad word Kick
Low level ID Kick/Ban
Series Kick/ban
Random Kick/Ban Using Recent
Tune up Your Malty Scan And Kick Ban Speed
Fast Room Manage change and set option
Fast Contact List
Music Player With Auto Save Play List
Protect List
Fast Blacklist Auto Add
Bad Word List
Profile View/Browser
Group and Room Management
Scan By Id Len and Kick/Ban
Unlimited Snap
Private Auto Answer
Email And More

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