Senin, Maret 05, 2012

Ultimate Socket Legend V 1.4 Cracked



    1) 6ser Multy 2)4set Army (per set) 24Army total 3)Unlimeted ID Login per set 4)Run 6set at same time 5)Fastest Kick [no miss kick] 6)Fastest Roll KIk 7)Fastest text roll KIck 8)2types of super fast flood 8)Easy Pvt flood 9)Set exchange (invisible) 10)Auto vote for Kick 11)Auto enter 12)Balance Check 13)Buy v4 emoticons (free) 14)disable call error 15)Hide own id from getlist 16)Most powerfull Admin detector 17) Manual admin detect 18)Auto Admin detect 19)Auto Logout when Admin Detect 20)easy Set maker 21)Singel id enter/chat/leave 22)Auto Multy chat 23)Unlimet spy id for room chat 24)Auto enter another spy id if 1 id got kick 25)Auto leave on Kick and another enter 26)Auto save Last setings 27)3diffrent theme
Mini Mobile Control
    Control everything from your mobile perfectly like for entering ids typr .enter
    1)2 set id 2)Unlimeted ids per set 3)Fast roll flood 4)text roll flood 5)Seris multy genatetor

           BRUTAL KICK
    1)3 Sets id for Brutal kick 2)Per set 10ids 3)Fast Brutal Kick 4)balance check 5)Getlist room

pas rar pv >> destroyerdteam9000 <<

join room  team destroyerd

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