Senin, Februari 20, 2012

Turb0 Mix free


Feature :

 * 5 Set Unlimited Ids Login

 * Check balance

 * Serice Control

- Mig33 Group Joiner :

 * Log Spy Id

 * Auto Search and Detect Group Code ( cid code )

 * Join Group With Spy id

 * Like Group With Spy id

 * Send Group Invitation With Spy Id

 * Leave Group With Spy Id

 * Join Group With All Multy Ids

 * Like Group With All Multy Ids

 * Send Group Invitation Bomb All Multy Ids

 * Leave Group With All Multy Ids

- Mig33 Password Changer :

 * Set security question For Multy Ids

 * Change security question For Multy Ids

 * Change password with answer For Multy Ids

- Flood :

 * 2 Types of auto Emot Change Flood

 * Dc Code Floods

 * Fastest Roll With Text Send

 * Fastest Roll With Dc code

 * Fastest Enter/Left Roll

 * interval/delay

 * Manual Text Send

 * kick User With Multy

 * Auto Enter

 * Auto Get User List

 * Auto Vote On kick Start

 * Auto Log Out on Admin Detect

 * Keep Alive

 * Hide Multy From User List

- Admin Detector :

 * Unlimited Ary based on admin list

 * Fastest Room Detect0r

 * Add Unlimited Admin Ids

 * Online Admin Detect0r

 * Auto Admin Detect

- Spy Chat

 * Save/load and log Unlimited Spy Ids

 * Chat With Unlimited Spy Ids

 * Spy Ids Will Auto Leave on Kick Start

 * Spy Ids Will Auto Leave on Admin Detect

 * Check Balance

 * Auto Vote on Kick

 * Kick With Spy Ids

 * Auto Greet With Spy Ids

 * Get User List With Spy Ids

- Gift Bomber 

 * Send Invisible Gifts ( you Dont Have to Enter Your Multy Ids in Chat room )

 * Send Bomb Gift TO Single Target

 * Send Bomb Gift To All Users of a chat room

 * Gift All Users of chat room

 * Send  Gift TO Single Target

 * Get Room List

 * Add Multiple Targets And Send Gifts

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