Jumat, Februari 24, 2012

Freedom Fighter v2 (Trial)

*5 Set Multy
*5 Flooder Set For Per Set
*Load And Save Unlimited IDs
*Auto Level Checker
*Auto/Manual Refresh Room Users
*Touch Kick
*Manual Kick
*5 Skins
*Four Type Auto Enter [Normal,Slow,Fast,Very Fast]
*Admin Detector
*Roll Flooder
*Brutal Flooder
*Chatbox For Spy
*Private Bomber
*Save All Settings
Flood Features:
*Emote Change Flood
*Counting Flood
*DC Codes Flood
*Art Flood
*Random Text Flood
*Multi Chat With Delay
*Single Send
Kick Features:
*Brute Login For Single Kick
*Auto Kick If Someone Entered
*Auto Left If Someone Kick Multi
*Auto Kick If Blacklist Users Entered
*Auto Vote On Kick
*Touch Kick
*Manual Kick
*Hide Own IDs From Listuser
*Save Protect Users From Misskick
Admin Detector:
*Auto Logout On Detect
*Auto Left On Detect
*Online List Checker
*Tray & Sound Notification
 Dalal Detector:
Dalal means Admin Helper.
*Detect Text
*Auto Detect Dalal Report
*Show Dalal Id Who Reported
*Auto Logout On Report
*Auto Left On Report
*Tray & Sound Notification
*Auto Text Send To All Admin Rooms
Multi Chat:
*Chat With Any ID
*View All Chat With Multi
Mobile Controller:
*Control Soft From Mobile
For More Details See Commands
Private Bomber:
*Load Unlimited IDs
*Login Unlimited
Roll Flooder:
*3 Set Default
*DC Code Flood
*Enter/Left Flood
*Random Text Flood
*Normal Text Roll
*Manual Interval Changeable
*Total 100 Clone
*Auto Getlist
*Hide Own IDs From List
*Balance Checker
Spy Chatbox:
*Auto Left If Spy Kick
*Auto Vote If Someone Start Kick
*Auto Kick If Someone Entered
* Admin Detector Updated
*Separate Login Button
*Admin Caller
*Private Bomber Speed Updated 
*Send Boom To All Users to Room 



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