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3 SKULLS of the toltecs

Title: 3 Skulls of the Toltecs
Genre: adventure / point&click / 3rd-person
Released: 1996
Developer: Revistronic
Publisher: Warner Interactive Entertainment
Fenimore Fillmore happens to rescue an old peddler being attacked by some rustlers, but it is also him who accidentally leads the old man to his death by passing him the hair lotion. Just a few minutes before his death, the peddler revealed that he owned one of three skulls that will unlock the treasure of the Toltecs. Fenimore takes hold of the skull, but is then shot by the rustlers and passes out, with the skull going to the hands of the rustlers. When he regains consciousness, he sets out to recover all three and unearth the treasure himself. And of course, beside Fenimore, some other people are also searching for these skulls...
Bonus content: manual.
How to play:
1) Download the game;
2) Mount or burn disc image;
3) Run setup.exe to install (it will start automatically if you have autorun enabled);
4) Start the game without the disc using the desktop or start menu shortcuts.
! Notice
Press F10 in-game to access the menu.

Download game :
Mirror 1 : Depositefiles
Mirror 2 : Fileserve

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