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Revengerz BodyGuardv1.0 Admin/Mod Tool creck

Activation Panel

Main Panel

Ban/unban/lvl Detect Panel
Mobile Commands

BodyGuard Tool Features:

*Mobile Contorler
*Level Detect
*Roll Flood Id Detect And Kick Them
*Enter Kick
*Ban And Kick In a Same Time
*PowerFull Series and random multy detector
*Kick And Ban Unlimited
*Kick/ban Roll Flood based on level
*Record All recently Rolled And ban/unban all
*Auto Kick All entered If 4 - 12 id enters in room at a time
*Auto Kick/ban Detected Multy
*Set Minimum Level For Enter In Room
*2 Type Of ban System (group ban and room ban)
*Multy Detector
*Bad Text Detector
*Bot Stop Option
*Rum Lock/Unlock Option
*Silence Option
*Announce On/Off Option
*Group Invite
*Broadcast Option
*Mute/Unmute Option
*Group Kick/Ban Single Id
*Room Kick/Ban Single Id
*Add Moderator
*Private Chat
*Group Chat
*Protect Id
*Extra (Room Setting,Mig Store, Mig world, My Account, Mail, Banned Users, Moderators, Chat rooms)
*Add Friends
*Ban series (Group and Room ban Both)
*Auto Save Room Chat /pvt chat / group chat / Chatroom name / username password

Downloading Link:


pas rar>>pembunuhaplikasi <  join room team destroyerd

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